I did some R&D in Maya during my latest project.

The goal was to find how to create cloud rolls. Baking them and to re-use them for several shots without calculating a new simulation each time.
Extra dynamics would be added in a layer between clouds and moving objects.
I used built-in Maya tools with no plugins (fluid and dynamic).

Here is three test shots that I made (no comp and basic lighting) :
The first one, generating the simulation.

The second one, trying to use fields and collisions.

The last one, baked for a layout shot.
There is a problem with the tiling and the repetition of the shapes. Multicolor snow dots are appearing randomly, giving a nice christmas ambiance to the scene. Just kidding.

fx_clouds_r-d_maya_spontak_alexandreMaya Viewport

Despite these tests, we choose another solution for making clouds.
I really enjoyed working on this.

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